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The marketplace is brimming with new phone systems and choices. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the options—and which one to recommend to your company—we understand. While phone systems are highly technical and the options complex, there are some key considerations when choosing an Allworx for your next communications system.


Every Allworx phone can be connected within your facility, or anywhere outside your facility, using a simple broadband connection. Any phone can be remote giving you the freedom to be anywhere without losing touch.

  • Take an Allworx phone with you for a long summer weekend, when you still need to be accessible to your employees.
  • This feature is great for remote workers in distant regions.
  • Every Allworx phone can be quickly configured as a remote phone, so disaster recovery planning for mission critical situations is much easier.
  • If your employees work from other locations, Allworx offers this flexibility.

The Value of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Many companies are taking advantage of the internet to carry their voice and data communications. Many service providers offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service as one method for reducing communication costs. A key technology that makes it possible to carry voice and data traffic on the same connection is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

The Allworx family of products is designed from the ground up to utilize SIP so that you have the option of leveraging VoIP whenever it enables cost savings for your business.

Our system will work with almost any SIP device you choose. Think of it as a “pure” SIP phone system. We designed it using SIP from end to end, which means costs are lower—we don’t have to convert SIP trunks to another protocol and then back again to communicate with our SIP phones. The Allworx system works flawlessly with nearly every variety of SIP provider.

As one of the first “pure” SIP-based phone system providers, our experience runs deep. Allworx understands how to make your migration simple and painless. Some competitors claim that their support of SIP is simple, but their implementation can be the opposite.

The Best Global Multi-site Solution

If your business operates in multiple locations, you probably want to appear as a unified organization to the outside world and not a fragmented collection of individual locations. Our advanced multi-site is an ideal way to achieve that goal. With this feature, any employee can be reached from any office, regardless of which location was initially called. Plus, you have the ability to:

  • Forward voicemail to a co-worker in a distant office.
  • Save money by having calls originate from a location that is closest to its destination.
  • Monitor your employees’ phone activity or current status from anywhere.

These features once exclusive to larger enterprise systems are now available with Allworx.

Call Center Applications Designed For a Variety of Customers

Offering better service than your competitors is one of the surest ways to grow and be profitable. While business cycles aren’t always predictable, your responsiveness to customers must be. Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD, makes it easier to offer consistently solid customer service.

Some companies hesitate to consider ACD because they feel they don’t need it or they consider it impersonal. But if you deal with varying volumes of inbound calls that must be handled uniformly by a small group of people, Allworx can help. If you walk through your workplace and hear a lot of phones ringing without being immediately answered, ACD will absolutely help.

It’s simple: ACD will answer a call and direct it to the best person to handle the caller’s needs. It regulates the pace of your call center while delivering valuable tracking information on how many calls were made to any given department—or individual within the department—so you can run a tighter, more productive call center.

Allworx ACD lets you:

  • Define how and where those calls go and to whom.
  • Select the order for the calls based on any of four sophisticated algorithms.
  • Adapt the number of agents needed for the volume of calls as your business grows.

Diverse Voice Services

Everyone has different needs for trunk and line connectivity. Allworx lets you use traditional analog copper lines, voice T1/PRI, or traditional PRI that shares voice and data on the same circuit using SIP.

The advantage with a dynamic PRI is that when not used for voice the circuit is fully available for data.

Robust and Customizable

If you are most comfortable having all the lines appear on all your phones, you can continue to do so with Allworx. No matter which method you use, “Hold and Page” or “Answer and Transfer,” you can continue operating your way. Allworx can match the way your business is organized and preserve the functions that you want to maintain when you switch to us.

SIP trunks are not really trunks in the traditional sense, everyone else puts them into a “dial access” group (i.e. dial “8” for SIP). Allworx systems let you make them act just like direct lines. Need six SIP trunks and four copper telephone trunks? We can put them on the phone as ten direct line appearances. So the migration to an Allworx system is a breeze. If you check with our competitors, be sure to ask how they manage this process.


Dedicated ports for voicemail and automated attendant are critical to a busy office.

In the early days of voicemail, the cost of voicemail ports was high, so it was common for an existing system to have only two or four port voicemail. This kept the original purchase price low, but caused big problems as companies grew. For instance, on a two-port system, while two people are listening to their messages, no one can leave a message until one of the two ports is available. If you’ve noticed that when you retrieve your voicemail you frequently get a busy or a ring no answer, that may be why.

Our smallest server, the 6x, has eight ports. And our largest server has 16 ports. These ports are completely independent of our automated attendant ports, which are used only for answering calls, playing a welcome greeting and asking callers to dial extension digits. We also have eight unique ports on our 6x and 16 unique ports on our larger server.

If you want your email messages to include a .wav file of a voicemail someone just left for you, we offer that at no additional cost.

Routing Management

With Allworx, our primary goal is that nobody ever misses a call. Voicemail is a last resort destination. Each person has unique routing requirements, so we create a path to manage call routes elegantly every time.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to route an important customer’s incoming call from a single individual to any number of phones, any number of ways, until it is answered. These calls can even be routed to numbers outside the system individually or simultaneously.

Mobile Connectivity

If you need to maximize the mobility needs of your employees, we offer iAllworx and Mobile Link for Android. Allworx lets you include cell phones in call routes, so your employees are more reachable. With certain smartphones, you can also instantly manage your presences, listen to, move, or create voicemails. You can even have a complete directory listing of all the extensions at your fingertips.

Business Process Productivity

Managing customer relations well leads to more loyal customers. Allworx lets you add intelligence about your inbound calls and apply productivity enhancing tools to your outbound calling campaigns.

There are a number of ways your new Allworx system can help you improve productivity. We welcome the challenge of fulfilling your unique requirements.