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How can your phone system increase productivity?

We see it frequently: companies often under-utilize their current technology and miss the opportunity to take advantage of what they already have. Phone systems are so much more than voice mail and simple connectivity. They are now a true business partner that help you increase employee productivity and make the connections with people faster, and more productively.

One of the ways that HESS COMMUNICATIONS is boosting customer profitability is through an application called presence management. This application eliminates the guessing game of knowing where people are and what they’re doing, and allows individuals to indicate their status (in a meeting, back at 2pm, at lunch, send calls to my cell, etc.). The presence management tool can also be deployed on your desktop as a toolbar, so you can immediately see people’s availability. That toolbar also allow you click to dial, instant messaging, click and drag transferring, and much more. A mobile sales force, technicians, or busy and on-the-move executive can sync up other devices (cell phones, laptop soft phones, home phones) to their extension so they all ring simultaneously if a call comes in. By increasing the speed of communication, more opportunities can be seized, more current customers can be satisfied, and more profits can make it to the bottom line.

Similarly, HESS Communications is utilizing call recording technology in order to help organizations increase employee productivity. According to Dr. Jon Anton from Purdue University, “On average, employees answer the phone 19% faster, spend 29% less time on the phone, and do after-call work three times faster when they know they’re being recorded.” Remarkably, many business owners have not adopted call recording technologies.

There are all levels of price points that are appropriate for all shapes and sizes of businesses. HESS Communications is looking to bridge the gap by educating their customers on solutions aimed to help small to mid-sized businesses come out on top.