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We've partnered with the best in the business for your financing needs!

Founded in 1994, TAMCO (an independent financial solutions provider) focuses exclusively on creating programs for businesses looking to acquire new telecommunications and related technologies. TAMCO partners with communications technology vendors across the United States and Canada, like HESS Communications – along with leading manufacturers – to offer unique leasing programs that allow businesses to meet their technology needs today while saving their capital for something unanticipated tomorrow.

Unlike other traditional players in the finance arena, TAMCO brings more value to a technology leasing relationship because their people are experienced with both technology AND finance. By leveraging our telecommunications and technology along side their “know-how” to design financial programs, we give customers the ability to stay in control while still being able to acquire what they need to run a successful business. Sensitive to the myriad of options that exist today, TAMCO focuses on making the buying decision easy for our customers by offering programs for every taste – from a standard capital lease to more innovative options that offer the utmost in contractual flexibility.