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Your Data Center

…is more than a space that simply houses servers and network equipment – it is a system.

The term “system” is defined as “a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole.”

Within the Data Center, the various entities that make up the system work together to protect and manage both current and future equipment, the data transmitted, and the thousands of connections between servers and switches and the outlying areas of the network. All of these entities are interrelated and connected by the structured cabling system, which designers and end-users are striving to design for better service within the Data Center, the various entities that make up the system with calability, flexibility, manageability, availability and lower total cost of ownership. HESS Communications understands that designing the Data Center structured cabling system is a complex and often confusing task with many options to weigh and consider, and we’re here to help.

General Cabling Considerations

Before designing the backbone and horizontal cabling in your Data Center, there are several factors to consider:


Calculate the required life expectancy of the cabling infrastructure by determining current and future requirements for data transmission between functional areas of the Data Center. Ensure ample space to support current and future number of ports, servers and switches. 

• Flexibility and Manageability

Clarify how frequently you will need to make moves, adds and changes, and if you anticipate needing to reconfigure functional areas of the Data Center. Also, determine cabling distances and limitations from one functional area to another and ensure ample pathway space to reroute or add more cabling.

• Availability

Determine required uptime for the Data Center and establish level of redundancy for cabling uplinks, power, and cooling. Determine overall level of security for equipment in the Data Center.

• Total Cost of Ownership

Determine current and future cost per square foot of the Data Center based on all scalability, flexibility, manageability and availability requirements. Each of these elements will have a role in determining the design of each of the functional areas of a Data Center and the cabling products selected.